Brian L. Avery

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An intelligent kiosk is a public information kiosk that senses the presence of humans and communicates in a natural way. To examine issues of human-kiosk interaction, we have built and deployed two versions of intelligent kiosks. The first kiosk design combines machine vision to locate and track people in the vicinity with an animated talking head that(More)
The Digital Smart Kiosk is an “aware” information kiosk that detects and tracks prospective clients and conveys this awareness. A single-camera vision system detects and tracks people in the kiosk’s vicinityThe kiosk display contains an animated talking face, a live image from the camera, and a web browser that presents graphical and textual information.(More)
featherweight devices, wireless communications, low-power operation, 802.15.4, health care Hewlett-Packard has a business opportunity in low-power, generalpurpose, networked, 'featherweight' computing devices that act as sensors or user interaction tools. We have designed and built a set of very small devices targeted to hospital applications. The first(More)
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