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The Supernova / Acceleration Probe (SNAP) is a proposed space-based experiment designed to study the dark energy and alternative explanations of the acceleration of the Universe's expansion by performing a series of complementary systematics-controlled astrophysical measurements. We here describe a 1 self-consistent reference mission design that can(More)
We describe a single-posture method for deriving the proportionality constant (K) between rib cage (RC) and abdominal (AB) amplifiers of the respiratory inductive plethysmograph (RIP). Qualitative diagnostic calibration (QDC) is based on equations of the isovolume maneuver calibration (ISOCAL) and is carried out during a 5-min period of natural breathing(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer-related weight loss is associated with increased inflammation and decreased survival. The novel inflammatory mediator growth differentiation factor (GDF)15 is associated with poor prognosis in cancer but its role in cancer-related weight loss (C-WL) remains unclear. Our objective was to measure GDF15 in plasma samples of cancer subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer associated cachexia affects the majority of cancer patients during the course of the disease and thought to be directly responsible for about a quarter of all cancer deaths. Current evidence suggests that a pro-inflammatory state may be associated with this syndrome although the molecular mechanisms responsible for the development of(More)
—SVX4 is the new silicon strip readout IC designed to meet the increased radiation tolerance requirements for Run IIb at the Tevatron collider. Devices have been fabricated, tested, and approved for production. The SVX4 design is a technology migration of the SVX3D design currently in use by CDF. Whereas SVX3D was fabricated in a 0.8-m radiation-hard(More)
The SuperNova / Acceleration Probe (SNAP) is a space-based experiment to measure the expansion history of the Universe and study both its dark energy and the dark matter. The experiment is motivated by the startling discovery that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. A 0.7 square-degree imager comprised of 36 large format fully-depleted n-type(More)
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