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This paper investigates whether individuals feel worse off when others around them earn more. In other words, do people care about relative position and does " lagging behind the Joneses " diminish well-being? To answer this question, I match individual-level data containing various indicators of well-being to information about local average earnings. I(More)
Contrary to simple theoretical predictions, existing evidence suggests that federal grants do not crowd out state government spending. A legislative bargaining model with endogenous grants documents a positive correlation between grant receipts and preferences for public goods; this correlation has likely biased existing work against measuring crowd-out. To(More)
This paper presents work conducted towards the development of an effective software engineering-based methodology for integrity control in the process of spreadsheet development. Various approaches and concepts within the discipline of software engineering are investigated. The proposed methodology consists of a set of coherent stages incorporating relevant(More)
This paper describes a framework for a systematic classification of spreadsheet errors. This classification or taxonomy of errors is aimed at facilitating analysis and comprehension of the different types of spreadsheet errors. It is far more comprehensive than any presented or published before. The taxonomy is an outcome of a thorough investigation of the(More)
Thanks to Forrest Nelson at the Iowa Electronic Market for providing data used in this study. Thanks also to Gregory Besharov and Howard Rosenthal for helpful comments and to participants at the Public Choice Society, Econometric Society, and the Harvard University public economics seminar. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and not(More)
This paper investigates the problem of optimal districting in the context of a simple model of legislative elections. In the model, districting matters because it determines the seat-vote curve, which describes the relationship between seats and votes. The paper rst characterizes the optimal seat-vote curve, and shows that, under a weak condition, there(More)
BACKGROUND Cell migration has been studied extensively by manipulating and observing cells bathed in putative chemotactic or chemokinetic agents on planar substrates. This environment differs from that in vivo and, consequently, the cells can behave abnormally. Embryo slices provide an optically accessible system for studying cellular navigation pathways(More)
This paper provides new evidence on the role of preference-based versus statistical discrimination in racial profiling using a unique data set that includes the race of both the driver and the officer. We first generalize the model presented in Knowles, Persico and Todd (2001) and show that the fundamental insight that allows them to distinguish between(More)
This paper examines whether and how viewers respond to changes in partisan bias in media news. We use data from Italy, where the main private television network is owned by Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of the center-right coalition, and the public television corporation is largely controlled by the ruling coalition. We first document that after the 2001(More)