Brian Kemper

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MOTIVATION Metabolic and signaling pathways are an increasingly important part of organizing knowledge in systems biology. They serve to integrate collective interpretations of facts scattered throughout literature. Biologists construct a pathway by reading a large number of articles and interpreting them as a consistent network, but most of the models(More)
Many systems have been developed in the past few years to assist researchers in the discovery of knowledge published as English text, for example in the PubMed database. At the same time, higher level collective knowledge is often published using a graphical notation representing all the entities in a pathway and their interactions. We believe that these(More)
This paper considers a parallel queue, which is two-queue network, where any arrival generates a job at both queues. The focus is on methods to quantify the mean value of the `system's sojourn time' S: with Si denoting a job's sojourn time in queue i, S is defined as max(S1; S2). It is noted that earlier work has revealed that this class of models is(More)
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