Brian K. Wang

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The Boltzmann distribution of electrons poses a fundamental barrier to lowering energy dissipation in conventional electronics, often termed as Boltzmann Tyranny. Negative capacitance in ferroelectric materials, which stems from the stored energy of a phase transition, could provide a solution, but a direct measurement of negative capacitance has so far(More)
In this paper we present a setup to study the real-time traffic carrying performance of Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol using software emulation. We emulate the IEEE 802.11 MAC/PHY using the EMANE software emulator, on a cluster of machines, for different multi-hop wireless scenarios. As an instance of real-world usage scenario, we study the(More)
Relative permittivities ranging from 12 to 100 were obtained from porous titania. Relative permittivities from 8 to 30 were obtained from porous calcium magnesium titanates. Porosity was introduced as microporosity by partial sintering, as 15 lm diameter spherical pores with porogens, and by fabrication of a microcellular structure with cylindrical pores.(More)
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