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Biological inspiration has long been pursued as a key to more efficient, agile and elegant control in robotics. It has been a successful strategy in the design and control of robots with both biologically abstracted and biomimetic designs. Behavioral studies have resulted in a good understanding of the mechanics of certain animals. However, without a better(More)
The ability of a vehicle to track a wind-borne odor to its source has numerous applications such as search and rescue missions and security operations. The Sensory Coupled Action Switching Modules (SCASM) control concept, based initially on known neural pathways in stick insects, provides a way to control a system using only sensory feedback. To date, SCASM(More)
Several animals use properties of Earth's magnetic field as a part of their navigation toolkit to accomplish tasks ranging from local homing to continental migration. Studying these behaviors has led to the postulation of both a magnetite-based sense, and a chemically based radical-pair mechanism. Several researchers have proposed models aimed at both(More)
Diverse taxa use Earth's magnetic field to aid both short- and long-distance navigation. Study of these behaviors has led to a variety of postulated sensory and processing mechanisms that remain unconfirmed. Although several models have been proposed to explain and understand these mechanisms' underpinnings, they have not necessarily connected a putative(More)
The ability to autonomously track a fluid-borne odor has numerous engineering applications and natural occurrences. Engineering systems can use odor-guided navigation in tasks ranging from search and rescue to locating dangerous chemicals. Animals use odors to locate food and mates. For animals in strong unsteady turbulent flow environments where the wind(More)
Several animals use Earth’s magnetic field in concert with other sensor modes to accomplish navigational tasks ranging from local homing to continental scale migration. However, despite extensive research, animal magnetic reception remains poorly understood. Similarly, the Earth’s magnetic field offers a signal that engineered systems can leverage to(More)
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