Brian K Knight

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Our previous studies indicate that impaired function of skeletal muscle limits the exercise tolerance of patients with end-stage renal failure who are either maintained on dialysis or undergo renal transplantation. To study the morphology of the condition, muscle biopsies were performed on eight patients with renal failure-associated myopathy. Control(More)
A patient with unilateral hereditary retinoblastoma who was successfully treated at the age of 7 weeks developed a tumour in the pineal region two and a half years later. The initial response to radiation treatment of the latter lesion was not maintained. Subsequent necropsy findings are described. Clinically and pathologically this case represents an(More)
ISSUES The conference participants addressed the following issues: (1) reporting of equivocal diagnoses, (2) strategies to minimize the use of such diagnoses, (3) morphologic criteria, and (4) management of women with equivocal diagnoses. CONSENSUS POSITION Equivocal diagnoses should be minimized, to the extent possible, by emphasizing cytologist(More)
Our previous surgical manipulations have shown that the target ectoderm is necessary for the initial formation of one of the major cutaneous nerves in the embryonic chick limb (Honig, M.G., Camilli, S.J., Xue, Q.S., 2004. Ectoderm removal prevents cutaneous nerve formation and perturbs sensory axon growth in the chick hindlimb. Dev. Biol. 266, 27-42.).(More)
ISSUES The extension of automation to the diagnostic assessment of clinical materials raises issues of professional responsibility, on the part of both the medical professional and designer of the device. The International Academy of Cytology (IAC) and other professional cytology societies should develop a policy towards automation in the diagnostic(More)
Gastro-intestinal tumours which contain both mucinous and endocrine cells have been reported with increasing frequency recently. Four such mixed neoplasms of the colon are described. Macroscopically, the tumours caused muscular hypertrophy resulting in thickening of the wall of the bowel and annular stenosis of the lumen. Microscopic examination showed them(More)