Brian K. Irons

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Metformin is considered an initial drug of choice for type 2 diabetes mellitus by leading recommendations. When contraindications to its use exist or patients cannot tolerate it due to adverse effects, clinicians have a variety of other classes of agents to treat hyperglycemia associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Each class of agent has its own benefit(More)
OBJECTIVE To better understand exenatide's role in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, this analysis assessed its cost-effectiveness in comparison to an intermediate (NPH) and long-acting insulin (glargine). Exenatide is a recently approved medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes for use in addition to frequently used oral diabetes medications. (More)
BACKGROUND The pharmacist's role in dispensing emergency contraception (EC) has become controversial due to the intersection of personal and professional ethics. Therefore, to examine the issue of EC availability, we surveyed a sample of West Texas pharmacists. West Texas is a religiously and politically conservative region where no methods of EC have been(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of pharmacist- managed dyslipidemia clinics at 2 Veterans Affairs medical centers since the release of the 2001 National Cholesterol Education Panel Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP ATP III) guideline compared with the usual care (UC) provided by other health care professionals in the same(More)
UNLABELLED Physician led collaborative drug therapy management utilizing clinical pharmacists to aid in the medication management of patients with hypertension has been shown to improve blood pressure control. With recommendations for lower blood pressures in patients with coronary artery disease, a cardiologist-pharmacist collaborative care model may be a(More)
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