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The activation of the BCR, which initiates B cell activation, is triggered by Ag-induced self-aggregation and clustering of receptors at the cell surface. Although Ag-induced actin reorganization is known to be involved in BCR clustering in response to membrane-associated Ag, the underlying mechanism that links actin reorganization to BCR activation remains(More)
The morphology and duration of contacts between cells and adhesive surfaces play a key role in several biological processes, such as cell migration, cell differentiation, and the immune response. The interaction of receptors on the cell membrane with ligands on the adhesive surface leads to triggering of signaling pathways, which allow cytoskeletal(More)
Actin filaments and associated actin binding proteins play an essential role in governing the mechanical properties of eukaryotic cells. Even though cells have multiple actin binding proteins (ABPs) that exist simultaneously to maintain the structural and mechanical integrity of the cellular cytoskeleton, how these proteins work together to determine the(More)
Title of dissertation: THE ROLE OF THE ACTIN CROSSLINKER PALLADIN: FROM RECONSTITUTED NETWORKS TO LIVE CELLS Brian James Grooman, Doctor of Philosophy, 2014 Dissertation directed by: Professor Arpita Upadhyaya Department of Physics Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology Biophysics is a rapidly growing area of research. New discoveries continue to(More)
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