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History of binary and other nondecimal numeration. Based on the author's thesis (Ph. D. — Temple University), presented under the title: History of modern numeration systems. who were kind enough to communicate their comments about the strengths and weaknesses of the original edition. The present revised edition is the better for it. A special thanks is(More)
We recount our relationship with David Kahn as co‐founding editors of Cryptologia, both in specific incidents and broader experiences. It was back in the early days of Cryptologia, perhaps even before 1980, when I got a call from Lou Kruh, a fellow founding editor. He and Cy Deavours (another founding editor) were in Lou's Manhattan ‐ New York, where else ‐(More)
Cryptography is an art and science of converting original message into non-readable form. There are two techniques for converting data into non-readable form: 1) Transposition technique 2) Substitution technique. Transposition ciphers use the letters of the plaintext message, but they permute the order of the letters. Columnar Transposition involves writing(More)