Brian J. Thelen

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We develop and investigate several novel multiresolution algorithms for detecting coherent radar targets embedded in clutter. These multiresolution detectors exploit the fact that prominent target scatterers interfere in a characteristic manner as resolution is changed, while multiresolution clutter signatures are random. We show, both on simulated and(More)
BACKGROUND While hamstring strain injuries are common during sprinting, the mechanisms of injury are not well understood. In this study, we analyzed the running kinematics of an athlete obtained at the time of an acute hamstring strain injury. The purpose was to identify the period of the gait cycle during which the hamstring was likely injured, as well as(More)
  • Digital Commons, Michigan Tech, Liza K Jenkins, Laura Bourgeau-Chavez, Nancy H F French, Tatiana V Loboda +14 others
  • 2014
(2014). Development of methods for detection and monitoring of fire disturbance in the Alaskan tundra using a two-decade long record of synthetic aperture radar satellite images. Abstract: Using the extensive archive of historical ERS-1 and-2 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images, this analysis demonstrates that fire disturbance can be effectively detected(More)
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