Brian J. Murphy

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The high degree of similarity between the mouse and human genomes is demonstrated through analysis of the sequence of mouse chromosome 16 (Mmu 16), which was obtained as part of a whole-genome shotgun assembly of the mouse genome. The mouse genome is about 10% smaller than the human genome, owing to a lower repetitive DNA content. Comparison of the(More)
Metabolic replacement rates (Ra) for glucose and free fatty acids (FFA) were determined during rest, exercise, and diving conditions in the gray seal using bolus injections of radiotracers. In the exercise experiments the seal swam at a metabolic rate elevated twofold over resting Ra for glucose and FFA while resting were similar to values found in(More)
The encapsulated form of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a pathologic subtype that has been found to occur with variable frequency in typical HCC in Japanese radiological, surgical, and autopsy series. It is a well-differentiated tumor that tends to grow slowly and noninvasively, and has a better prognosis than other gross forms of HCC. Among the 73 cases(More)
As part of an investigation into the generation of muscle heat in the tuna, the histochemistry and ultrastructure of the myotomal muscles were studied. Both red and white fibres are differentiated into two forms. The two forms of red muscle are very similar except for differential electron absorbance and different kinds of glycogen granules stored. In both(More)
The orexigenic peptide ghrelin has been shown to have prokinetic activity in the gastrointestinal (GI) system of several species, including humans. In this series of experiments, we have evaluated the prokinetic activity of novel, small-molecule ghrelin receptor (GhrR) agonists after parenteral and peroral dosing in mice and rats. Gastric emptying, small(More)
Peripheral corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) receptor ligands inhibit gastric acid secretion and emptying while stimulating gastric mucosal blood flow in rats. Endogenous CRF ligands are expressed in the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tissues pointing to local expression of CRF receptors. We mapped the distribution of CRF receptor type 1 (CRF1) and 2 (CRF2)(More)
The content of free amino acids in whole blood was measured in near-term gravid female Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddelli) and compared with fetal amino acid profiles during rest and during experimental diving. With the exception of taurine and glutathione, Ninhydrin-reactive components of acid extracts of blood occurred in higher concentrations on the(More)
Partial tears of the peroneal tendons are rare. Partial longitudinal tears of the peroneus longus tendon are even more rare. We report on 2 professional basketball players who had partial peroneus longus tendon tears beneath the cuboid. A literature review and discussion of treatment is included.
The radiographic findings in the stomach in the upper gastrointestinal examination in 11 patients with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were reviewed. Four cases of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) showed multiple submucosal nodular filling defects; in one of these cases, ulceration of some of the nodules was present. Gastric lymphoma occurred in two(More)