Brian J. McCarthy

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In this paper we describe the methods used to link birth and infant mortality and morbidity surveillance data sets into sibships using deterministic or multistage probabilistic linkage methods. We describe nine linked data sets: four in the United States (Georgia, Missouri, Utah and Washington State), and four elsewhere (Scotland, Norway, Israel and Western(More)
This article describes the process of developing targeted occupational health services for the health care workers in a women's hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, as part of a larger project to establish an obstetrics and gynecology residency training program at the facility. The goal was to create a feasible and sustainable program to: (1) address basic(More)
The sequence of the methotrexate-resistant dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) gene borne by the plasmid R-388 was determined. The gene was subcloned and mapped by an in vitro mutagenesis method involving insertion of synthetic oligonucleotide decamers encoding the BamHI recognition site. Sites of insertion that destroyed the methotrexate resistance fell in two(More)
OBJECTIVES As part of a community-based reproductive health project in rural Tanzania, a maternal and perinatal health care surveillance system was established to monitor pregnancy outcomes. This report presents preliminary results. METHODS Village health workers were trained to collect data during health education visits to pregnant and postpartum women.(More)
OBJECTIVES Kazakhstan's live-birth definition--that dates from the former Soviet Union (FSU) era--differs from that used by the World Health Organization (WHO). We studied the impacts of both live-birth definitions on the computations of the infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal and child health (MCH) planning in Zhambyl Oblast, Kazakhstan. METHODS We(More)
A mixture of differentially labeled mouse and Bacillus subtilis DNA was used as a source of oligodeoxynucleotides of chain lengths from 15 to 40 nucleotides. The extent of interaction of these oligonucleotides with homologous or heterologous DNA bound to membrane filters was measured. The specificity of such interactions increases with chain length and with(More)
Nuclear and cytoplasmic RNAs of mouse L-cells were compared for base sequence relatedness between and within them. The relationship of each of these RNAs to the DNA of other rodents and the rabbit was determined. RNA restricted to the mouse L-cell nucleus is unrelated in base sequence to cytoplasmic RNA. There is less diversity of base sequence within the(More)
The magnitude of differences which occur in the base sequence of DNAs from related animals was investigated through studies of four rodent DNAs. Fractionation on preparative CsCl density gradients and detailed examination of thermal denaturation profiles revealed the existence of several distinguishable components comprising the main band in addition to(More)
A comparison has been made of the properties of hybridization reactions using mouse RNA and B. subtilisRNA. By virtue of the high rates of reaction of mammalian RNA and the imperfect nature of the base pairing in the hybrids formed, it is concluded that these reactions are not locus-specific. The same cross-reaction is obtained between polynucleotides(More)
Background: Neonatal mortality rates among black infants are lower than neonatal mortality rates among white infants at birth weights <3000 g, whereas white infants have a survival advantage at higher birth weights. This finding is also observed when birth weight-specific neonatal mortality rates are compared between infants of smokers and non-smokers. We(More)