Brian J. Just

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Carotenoid pigments are important components of the human diet and carrots are the main dietary sources of the vitamin A precursors α- and β-carotene. Carotenoids play essential biological roles in plants and the genes coding for the carotenoid pathway enzymes are evolutionarily conserved, but little information exists about these genes for carrot. In this(More)
We performed QTL analyses for pigment content on a carotenoid biosynthesis function map based on progeny of a wild white carrot (QAL) which accumulates no pigments × domesticated orange carrot (B493), one of the richest sources of carotenoid pigments—mainly provitamin A α- and β- carotenes. Two major interacting loci, Y and Y 2 on linkage groups 2 and 5,(More)
PURPOSE To describe the evolution and current status of a university and community partnership engaged in operating an urban elementary school-based clinic (SBC) POPULATION: The children at the school who are eligible to receive care at the SBC include 500 elementary students and 200 adolescents who attend a magnet junior high school housed in the same(More)
Biomass combustion in cookstoves has a substantial impact on human health, affects CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and black carbon (BC) and organic carbon (OC) affect the earth's radiative balance. Various initiatives propose to replace traditional fires with "improved" (nontraditional) cookstoves to offset negative local and global effects. In this(More)
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