Brian J. Harrison

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The 3.5 kb transposable element, Tam3, has been shown to cause somatic and germinal instability at the nivea locus, which encodes chalcone synthase, of Antirrhinum majus. Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of the niv-98::Tam3 allele revealed that the termini of Tam3 consist of 12 bp perfect inverted repeats. Tam3 is integrated in the promoter region of(More)
THE unstable allele pallida-recurrens (pal''), in its unmutated and homozygous state, determines an absence of anthocyanin pigment. It mutates to a range of other pal alleles which differ from each other in stability and in pigmentforming capacity. Different palrec stocks differ very greatly in mutation frequency, as expressed both in pigmented spots and(More)
WHEN dissecting females for mating tests it was observed in S—79 that some of them were abnormal in their numbers of spermathec. In Drosophila melanogaster, as indeed in all species of the genus and in most genera of the group Drosophilinee, the normal number of spermathecle in a female is 2 (plate I (a)). Occasional cases of 3 spermathec, or very rarely 4,(More)
Department of Genetics, University of Birmingham Received 27.ii.50 THE occurrence of heritable variation in wild populations of Drosophila species is now a commonplace. Flies which are trapped in the wild can be trusted to show genetic differences when suitably tested. Many of the variants to be found are traceable to single recessive mutant genes of large(More)
SummaryThe unstable recurrens alleles of nivea and pallida have been compared for sensitivity to temperature during development. Previous work showed that the palrec allele mutates germinally and somatically with a greater frequency at 15° than at 25° C. The nivrec allele is less sensitive to temperature but somatic instability is still inversely correlated(More)
The University of Michigan Medical Center has a flexible computerized clinic scheduling system that handles approximately 750,000 visits per year at the main hospital and satellite locations. The system includes a wide variety of fully integrated functions, including appointment booking, multiple and series scheduling, wait and reschedule lists, routine(More)
From cancer and medical research, children's and women's issues, to arts, education, and culture, Carolyn Farb's skill as a volunteer fund raiser has been fine-tuned to equal that of the best professional fund raisers in the country. She has made chairing successful charitable events an art form and unselfish life's occupation.