Brian J. Ellis

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Automated program transformation holds promise for a variety of software life cycle endeavors, particularly where the size of legacy systems makes code analysis, re-engineering, and evolution difficult and expensive. But constructing highly scalable transformation tools supporting modern languages in full generality is itself a painstaking and expensive(More)
OBJECTIVE Ocular ischemic syndrome is a rare blinding condition generally caused by disease of the carotid artery. We describe a 69-year-old female with a 50 pack-year smoking history with aortic arch syndrome causing bilateral ocular ischemic syndrome. METHODS The patient presented with progressive visual loss and temple pain. Slit lamp biomicroscopy(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Physical therapist examination of pediatric clients or clients with neurological conditions often includes the observation of stereotypical movement patterns such as the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex and righting reactions. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether extremity and trunk responses to passive head turning(More)
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