Brian J Christian

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Normal human uroepithelial cells (lili) were transformed with sim ian virus 40 (SV40) in vitro. SV40-transformed HUC (SV-HUC) were selected by their ability to survive senescence which normally occurs in HUC between passages 4 and 6. At passage 6,100% of SV-HUC stained positive for SV40 T-antigen. The epithelial nature of SV-HUC was confirmed by positive(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize functional and anatomic sequelae of a bleb induced by subretinal injection. METHODS Subretinal injections (100 μL) of balanced salt solution were placed in the superotemporal macula of 1 eye in 3 cynomolgus macaques. Fellow eyes received intravitreal injections (100 μL) of balanced salt solution. Fundus photography, ocular(More)
We have previously reported that S'-aminothymidine (S'-AdThd), an antagonist of the feedback inhibition exerted by dTTP that regulates thymidine kinase, enhances the uptake and cytotoxicity of 5-iododeox-yuridine in various human bladder cancer cell lines but not in normal human urothelial cells (III) propagated in vitro. In this work we have analyzed the(More)
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