Brian J. Andraski

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"Global patterns and environmental controls of perchlorate and nitrate co-occurrence in arid and semi-arid environments" (2015). Abstract Natural perchlorate (ClO 4 À) is of increasing interest due to its widespread occurrence on Earth and Mars, yet little information exists on the relative abundance of ClO 4 À compared to other major anions, its stability,(More)
A variety of techniques to measure matric potential or water potential in the laboratory and in the field are described in this section. The techniques described herein require equilibration of some medium whose matric or water potential can be determined from previous calibration or can be measured directly. Under equilibrium conditions the matric or water(More)
We develop a general equation for converting laboratory-reported tritium levels, expressed either as concentrations (tritium isotope number fractions) or mass-based specific activities, to mass fractions in aqueous systems. Assuming that all tritium is in the form of monotritiated water simplifies the derivation and is shown to be reasonable for most(More)
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