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In addition to our previously reported fluoro acrylamides Xa inhibitors 2 and 3, a series of potent and novel cyclic diimide amidine compounds has been identified. In efforts to improve their oral bioavailability, replacement of the amidine group with methyl amidrazone gives compounds of moderate potency (14, IC(50)=0.028 microM). In the amidoxime prodrug(More)
A composite of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) and collagen was implanted beneath the cranial periosteum of 10-month-old rats to observe bone development and absorbent change of carrier collagen. The rhBMP-2/collagen onlay implant resulted in active bone formation and the augmented bone was connected directly with the original bone,(More)
OBJECTIVES:It has been suggested that statins exert potential anti-tumor effects. The relationship between statin use and outcomes in pancreatic cancer is controversial. We hypothesized that statin use at baseline would impact survival among patients with early-stage pancreatic cancer and that the effect might vary by individual statin agent.METHODS:We(More)
Objectives:Pancreatic cystic neoplasms (PCNs) are being detected with increased frequency. Current clinical practice guidelines emphasize management based on cyst-related features. We aimed to evaluate the impact of comorbidity on mortality in PCN patients via competing risk analysis.Methods:We analyzed a retrospective cohort of patients diagnosed between(More)
Little information is available on how active adult patients are during their hospitalization. The purpose of this study is to describe the level of ambulation in hospitalized patients. This was a cohort study of ambulatory patients from 3 hospital medical-surgical units conducted March 2014 through July 2014. Patients wore an accelerometer upon admission(More)
A stump-tailed monkey, newly caught and without antibody to hepatitis B virus (HAV), was successfully infected with human HAV. The following alterations were observed in the monkey's functions: (1) elevation in activities of serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase, lactate dehydrogenase, and its type 5 isoenzyme (electrophoretically the fastest moving); (2)(More)
We report the sequence and variability parameters of 23 microsatellite primers obtained from a commercial cultivar Gongjiao (Musa acuminata) using selectively amplified microsatellite (SAM) analysis. Polymorphisms were evaluated in a collection of 26 banana cultivars and 11 related species/subspecies. The mean number of alleles amplified per primer was 4.55(More)
To overcome the low bioavailability of our substituted acrylamide P1 benzamidine factor Xa inhibitors reported previously, neutral and less basic groups were used to replace the benzamidine. As a result, a series of P1 aminoisoquinoline substituted acrylamide Xa inhibitors was identified to be potent, selective, and orally bioavailable. Modification of P4(More)
Substituted acrylamides were used as templates that bridge P1 and P4 binding elements, resulting in a series of potent (sub-nanomolar) and selective factor Xa inhibitors. In this template, cis-geometry of P1 and P4 ligands is highly preferred. SAR on the substituting groups, as well as on modification of P1 and P4 moieties is described. Compounds in this(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Approximately 1 in 3 computed tomography (CT) scans performed for head injury may be avoidable. We evaluate the association of implementation of the Canadian CT Head Rule on head CT imaging in community emergency departments (EDs). METHODS We conducted an interrupted time-series analysis of encounters from January 2014 to December 2015 in(More)