Brian Hoffmann

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Cryptoendolithic microorganisms from stratified communities in Antarctic sandstone were studied for physiological diversity and possible interactions. Cultures of 25 bacteria, five fungi, and two green algae from one boulder grew with a wide variety of organic carbon or nitrogen sources, they exhibited varied exoenzymatic activities and were psychrophilic(More)
The mediator accounting for the major relaxant responses to electrical field stimulation of human airways was previously identified as nitric oxide (NO). In the present study, we examined the distribution of the neuronal isoform of the NO-generating enzyme, nitric oxide synthase (bNOS, type I NOS) in nerve fibers of the human airways (trachea, large and(More)
Species of Allocreadiidae are an important component of the parasite fauna of freshwater vertebrates, particularly fishes, and yet their systematic relationships with other trematodes have not been clarified. Partial sequences of the 18S and 28S ribosomal RNA genes from 3 representative species of Allocreadiidae, i.e., Crepidostomum cooperi, Bunodera(More)
The presence of Trichomonas vaginalis in the male urinary tract was discovered as early as 1883 by Kunstler (Kozlowski, 1951), but trichomoniasis in men, a disease which because of its high incidence is becoming a serious social problem, has only recently drawn the attention of medical research workers. The three recent international symposia (see(More)