Brian H. Ward

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We analyze the likelihood of government bailouts in a sample of 450 politically-connected (but publicly-traded) firms from 35 countries over the period 1997 through 2002. We find that politically-connected firms are significantly more likely to be bailed out than similar non-connected firms. Additionally, politically-connected firms are disproportionately(More)
We analyze the likelihood of a government bailout for a sample of 357 politically-connected firms from 35 countries and their matching peers over the period 1997 to 2001. We find that political connections result in a higher likelihood of a company bailout, but this occurs only when the involved government receives a loan from the IMF or World Bank.(More)
The case of an infant with a pulmonary arterial sling (or aberrant left pulmonary artery) is presented. Associated congenital anomalies found in the original patient and in each of four other patients with this lesion, identified from postmortem files, are noted. The importance of associated anomalies of the respiratory tract is emphasized, since if(More)
W ith responsibilities in the areas of credentialing, education, and practice standards, he Commission on Dietetic Registation (CDR), Commission on Acceditation for Dietetics Education CADE), and the American Dietetic ssociation (ADA) have need of curent, comprehensive information on ietetics practice. One response to his has been to periodically conduct(More)