Brian H. Dunford-Shore

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Determining the genetic basis of cancer requires comprehensive analyses of large collections of histopathologically well-classified primary tumours. Here we report the results of a collaborative study to discover somatic mutations in 188 human lung adenocarcinomas. DNA sequencing of 623 genes with known or potential relationships to cancer revealed more(More)
Acute myeloid leukaemia is a highly malignant haematopoietic tumour that affects about 13,000 adults in the United States each year. The treatment of this disease has changed little in the past two decades, because most of the genetic events that initiate the disease remain undiscovered. Whole-genome sequencing is now possible at a reasonable cost and(More)
1. De novo AML in an adult patient less than 60 years old. Patients enrolled in the study were greater than 18 years of age, and with no antecedent history of myelodysplastic syndrome or prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer, since treatment‐related AML may have a different genetic basis than de novo AML. Further, several Cooperative Group(More)
An analysis using a composition of currently-accepted theories is given. Starting with a synthesis of what may be generically termed “paths”, analysis of representations for these “paths” is developed. Foreground and background interactions are explicitly treated by using a local representation that treats the two representations equally and symmetrically.(More)
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