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Significant controversy surrounds the adaptive infrared iris hypothesis put forth by Lindzen et al., whereby tropical anvil cirrus detrainment is hypothesized to decrease with increasing sea surface temperature (SST). This dependence would act as an iris, allowing more infrared radiation to escape into space and inhibiting changes in the surface(More)
Children and young adults tend to have reduced mortality and disability after acquired brain injuries such as trauma or stroke and across other disease processes seen in critical care medicine. However, after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), outcomes are remarkably similar across age groups. The consistent lack of witnessed arrests and a high(More)
Wikipedia is a better option for a client to gain information of particular objects than other search engines. Previously, cohesion-based technique is used for analysis of implicit and explicit relationships between two objects but this technique is inadequate to analyze the relationships because it uses one or two concepts of connectivity, distance and(More)
FOREWORD This manual has been designed to familiarize you with the policies and procedures that shape the Human Development Counseling (HDC) program. It is not viewed as complete and is not intended to replace the Peabody College Catalog. It is intended to provide information you will need in order to make decisions about your graduate study and to acquaint(More)
Objective: To present a safe and sound strategy to perform Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH). Presentation Highlights: The sole purpose of LAVH is the conversion of abdominal to vaginal surgery. Its only proven benefits over vaginal hysterectomy are the panoramic view afforded by the laparoscope and the ability to perform extensive(More)
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