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McLuhan in the Digital Marketplace: Media Effects of Online Shopping
The digital marketplace functions as a medium that privileges nomos over phusis by reducing online shoppers to discarnate human beings and transforming goods and services into information. ThisExpand
The Metalogicon of John of Salisbury: Medieval Rhetoric as Educational Praxis
iv Dedication vi Acknowledgement vii Chapter 1: John of Salisbury: A Rhetorician of the Middle Ages 1 The High Middle Ages 5 Portrait of John‟s Early Life 19 John‟s Writings 38 Conclusion 39 ChapterExpand
The Media Ecology of Etienne Gilson: Mediation in St. Augustine’s City of God
Media ecology represents a vibrant, interdisciplinary area of research that considers the relationships among human beings, language, technology, and both real and virtual environments. The followingExpand