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The HandyKey TwiddlerTM is a one-handed chording mobile keyboard that employs a 3 × 4 button design, similar to that of a standard mobile telephone. We present a longitudinal study of novice users’ learning rates on the Twiddler. Ten participants typed for 20 sessions using 2 different text entry methods. Each session was composed of 20 min of typing with(More)
Finding lost items is a common problem for the visually impaired and is something that computing technology can help alleviate. In this paper, we present the design and evaluation of a mobile solution, called FETCH, for allowing the visually impaired to track and locate objects they lose frequently but for which they do not have a specific strategy for(More)
The Twiddler one–handed chording keyboard offers rapid mobile text entry on a keypad similar to that of a standard mobile telephone. Previously we found that novice users could be trained to type 47 words per minute (wpm) while one participant reached 67 wpm. Here, we present an evaluation designed to examine which combination of two typing aids helps(More)
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