Brian Gainor

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This paper provides a computational analysis of 39 attested vowel harmony patterns in a recent typological analysis (Nevins, 2010), in addition to two unattested harmony patterns which have attracted considerable discussion: ‘majority rules’ (Lombardi, 1999; Baković, 2000) and ‘sour grapes’ (Padgett, 1995). It is shown that these attested patterns, unlike(More)
In recent years, electrodiagnostic studies have become an expected component in the work up and evaluation of carpal tunnel syndrome. We conducted a retrospective review of 460 carpal tunnel decompressions to determine whether the accuracy of diagnosis and the prediction of therapeutic outcome could be related to the positivity and severity of findings on(More)
The primary purpose of irrigation is to remove bacterial contaminants from the wound. Surfactants do that by disrupting the bonds of the organism to the surface. The use of this wound care strategy was studied in a series of investigations spanning several years. In vitro experiments revealed that surfactant irrigation was superior to saline or antibiotic(More)
The DARPA BOLT Program develops systems capable of allowing English speakers to retrieve and understand information from informal foreign language sources. Phase 2 of the program required large volumes of naturally occurring informal text (SMS) and chat messages from individual users in multiple languages to support evaluation of machine translation(More)
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