Brian G Grimwade

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Cerebral palsy (CP) is a major neurodevelopmental disability in childhood. An association between intrauterine infection and CP has been reported. We examined the relationship between inflammatory mediators in cord serum and CP in term and preterm children. Regional multicenter study was conducted on 19 CP children and 19 gestation-matched paired controls.(More)
BACKGROUND Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the foundation of powerful complex trait and pharmacogenomic analyses. The availability of large SNP databases, however, has emphasized a need for inexpensive SNP genotyping methods of commensurate simplicity, robustness, and scalability. We describe a solution-based, microtiter plate method for SNP(More)
Background: Quantitative proteomics is an emerging field that encompasses multiplexed measurement of many known proteins in groups of experimental samples in order to identify differences between groups. Antibody arrays are a novel technology that is increasingly being used for quantitative proteomics studies due to highly multiplexed content, scalability,(More)
(1982) Nucleated polymerization of actin from the two ends of microvillar filaments in the intestinal brush border. (1982) Regulation of contractility, cytoskeletal structure and filament assembly in brush borders of the intestinal epithelial cells. A novel family of transcribed repeats shared by the Notch locus and other developmentally regulated loci in(More)
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