Brian G Grimwade

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  • Barry Schweitzer, Scott Roberts, +10 authors Stephen F Kingsmore
  • Nature biotechnology
  • 2002
Fluorescent-sandwich immunoassays on microarrays hold appeal for proteomics studies, because equipment and antibodies are readily available, and assays are simple, scalable, and reproducible. The achievement of adequate sensitivity and specificity, however, requires a general method of immunoassay amplification. We describe coupling of isothermal(More)
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the foundation of powerful complex trait and pharmacogenomic analyses. The availability of large SNP databases, however, has emphasized a need for inexpensive SNP genotyping methods of commensurate simplicity, robustness, and scalability. We describe a solution-based, microtiter plate method for SNP genotyping of(More)
Notch is a developmentally regulated locus which controls the differentiation of various Drosophila tissues, among them the embryonic nervous system. Molecular analysis has suggested that Notch is defined by an approximately 40-kb transcription unit which is spliced into a 10.2-kb mRNA composed of nine exonic regions and coding for a 2703-amino acid long(More)
The Notch locus of Drosophila melanogaster profoundly affects differentiation of the central nervous system in the early embryo. Previous molecular studies suggested that the locus spans 40 kb of DNA and encodes a 10.5-kb poly(A)+ RNA. The results of genetic, cytogenetic, and molecular studies of newly induced and preexisting Notch alleles are reported.(More)
Infection is a leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality worldwide. Premature neonates are particularly susceptible to infection because of physiologic immaturity, comorbidity, and extraneous medical interventions. Additionally premature infants are at higher risk of progression to sepsis or severe sepsis, adverse outcomes, and antimicrobial(More)
Isolated Chinese hamster chromosomes have been analyzed using a multiparameter computer-controlled cell sorter to obtain information about unique properties of individual chromosomes. Parameters other than DNA content were sought that would further aid in distinguishing among chromosomes. The polarized emission of the DNA-specific bis-benzimidazole dye(More)
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a major neurodevelopmental disability in childhood. An association between intrauterine infection and CP has been reported. We examined the relationship between inflammatory mediators in cord serum and CP in term and preterm children. Regional multicenter study was conducted on 19 CP children and 19 gestation-matched paired controls.(More)
A dual laser flow sorter has been constructed from an existing single laser system by incorporating a dye laser as the second laser source. The argon ion laser emission was used both as a pump laser and as a source by beam splitting before entrance to the dye laser. The emissions of the dye laser and pump laser beams were recombined and focused with the(More)
Cells doubly stained with Hoechst 33342 (H-33342) for DNA content and fluorescein diacetate for viability can be selected on the basis of both criteria using a single UV laser flow sorter. The selection is made possible due to resonance energy transfer occurring between the H-33342 and fluorescein fluorophores. Both a static fluorescence microscope and a(More)