Brian G. Giles

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Catch monitoring and surveys were used to assess the seahorse trade in Vietnam. Despite low daily catch rates, potentially 6.5 t of dried seahorses (~2.2 million seahorses) were taken annually as bycatch by trawlers operating out of five coastal provinces of Vietnam. Individual seahorse catches were collated by a few local buyers, who supplied wholesalers(More)
There is concern among Aboriginal communities in Canada that conventional approaches to the treatment of diabetes are ineffective in part because they fail to recognize the local Aboriginal perspective on the causal determinants of diabetes. While this shortcoming has been recognized, there have been no explicit attempts to practically define these(More)
OBJECTIVES To demonstrate how fuzzy cognitive maps may be used to extract, present and compare Aboriginal perspectives, using the determinants of diabetes as a case study. METHODS Participants from the Mohawk Community of Akwesasne and the Miawpukek First Nation in Conne River created fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs) (N=3) detailing their views of "the causes(More)
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