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Proper partitioning of the contents of a cell between two daughters requires integration of spatial and temporal cues. The anaphase array of microtubules that self-organize at the spindle midzone contributes to positioning the cell-division plane midway between the segregating chromosomes. How this signalling occurs over length scales of micrometres, from(More)
This paper explores the design of visualizations that support mandated organizational compliance processes. We draw on the research literature to show how visualizations can operate as effective user interfaces for complex, distributed processes. We argue that visualizations can reduce the complexity of such processes, making them easier to manage, and can(More)
Automatic vehicle classification (AVC) systems provide data about vehicle classes that are used for many purposes. This paper describes a prototype axle count and spacing AVC system using wireless accelerometers and magnetometers. The accelerometers detect vehicle axles, and the magnetometers report vehicle arrivals and departures and estimate speed. The(More)
Molecular biological techniques have begun to transform modern medicine. These techniques have shown promise in the pathological diagnosis of difficult or uncommon tumors. Accurate molecular diagnosis of the small round-cell tumors, for example, is especially important because divergent therapies may be required to eradicate such disparate lesions as(More)
The authors would like to thank Judy Hamers and Barbara McGeoch of Mercer Human Resource Consulting for their assistance in preparing this report. The opinions and conclusions stated here are the authors' and should not be construed as those of Mercer Human Resource Consulting or any of its other associates. All findings, interpretations, and conclusions of(More)
Some call it low power-design, some call it energy efficient design, and some call it green design. No matter what you call it, in today's complex systems and chips, power management, analysis, and exploration needs to be addressed early in the design cycle. To meet the overall power demands semiconductor designers and architects need to step up and deliver(More)
Course description In contemporary Western society, most of us are awash in media. Although the technologies which ground our mediated actions and interactions are proliferating and changing at a rapid rate, we can only understand our situation by viewing it historically. It is typically far easier to adapt to and employ new media forms than it is to think(More)
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