Brian Frantz

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  • David S Jacks, Christopher M Meissner, Dennis Novy, A Clemens, Jeffrey G Williamson, Jacks +9 others
  • 2008
What has driven trade booms and trade busts in the past century and a half? Was it changes in global output or in the costs of international trade? To address this question, we derive a micro-founded measure of aggregate bilateral trade costs based on a standard model of trade in differentiated goods. These trade costs gauge the difference between observed(More)
  • Benjamas Aiamkitsumrit, Will Dampier, Julio Martin-Garcia, Michael R. Nonnemacher, Vanessa Pirrone, Tatyana Ivanova +15 others
  • 2014
The adaptation of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) to an array of physiologic niches is advantaged by the plasticity of the viral genome, encoded proteins, and promoter. CXCR4-utilizing (X4) viruses preferentially, but not universally, infect CD4+ T cells, generating high levels of virus within activated HIV-1-infected T cells that can be(More)
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