Brian Frank

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business as companies have begun to realize that the number of mobile devices in the world easily eclipses the units of traditional desktop computers. In the mobile-phone space, in particular, you can pick up books written by the likes of the Nokia User Experience team (Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile Phone). However, with the(More)
you think of designing a product " for " someone , you generally have the characteristics of that target person or persons in mind. They may be male, over 35, making $65,000-plus a year, etc. You might even extend your picture further and say they drive midsize cars, have 2.3 children, and drink coffee at least twice a day. After you go through that(More)
Launch any software product these days, and you can easily find a whole host of issues you wish the developer or designer would have better anticipated— whether it is to optimize the interaction, organization of information, or further develop tools before releasing the product to the marketplace. I can't go a day without thinking to myself, " This would be(More)
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