Brian Fitzgerald

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A frequent characterization of open source software is the somewhat outdated, mythical one of a collective of supremely talented software hackers freely volunteering their services to produce uniformly high-quality software. I contend that the open source software phenomenon has metamorphosed into a more mainstream and commercially viable form, which I(More)
A postal survey was conducted to determine: the extent to which systems development methodologies are used in practice; the rating of their contribution to the development process, and the future trend in methodology adoption, whether the trend is towards increased usage or not. Among the main findings of the study were that 60 percent of the respondents(More)
Global software development (GSD) is a phenomenon that is receiving considerable interest from companies all over the world. In GSD, stakeholders from different national and organizational cultures are involved in developing software and the many benefits include access to a large labour pool, cost advantage and round-the-clock development. However, GSD is(More)
This seminar presents a psychological contract perspective on the use of the open source development model as a global sourcing strategy—opensourcing—whereby commercial companies and open source communities collaborate on development of software of commercial interest to the company. Building on previous research on information systems outsourcing, a(More)
Received: 18 May 2005 Revised: 19 June 2005 Accepted: 9 January 2006 Abstract Tailoring of methods is commonplace in the vast majority of software development projects and organisations. However, there is not much known about the tailoring and engineering of agile methods, or about how these methods can be used to complement each other. This study(More)
Walt Scacchi, Joseph Feller, Brian Fitzgerald*, Scott Hissam and Karim Lakhani 1 Institute for Software Research, University of California, Irvine, USA 2 Business Information Systems, University College Cork, Ireland 3 Computer Science and Information Systems, Limerick University, Ireland 4 Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA 5(More)
NTEREST IN GLOBAL SOFTWARE DEVELopment (GSD) is rapidly growing as the software industry experiences increasing globalization of business (Herbsleb & Moitra, 2001). In GSD, stakeholders from different national and organizational cultures and time zones are involved in developing software (Damian, 2002), and tasks at various stages of the software lifecycle(More)