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A postal survey was conducted to determine: the extent to which systems development methodologies are used in practice; the rating of their contribution to the development process, and the future trend in methodology adoption, whether the trend is towards increased usage or not. Among the main findings of the study were that 60 percent of the respondents(More)
Tailoring of methods is commonplace in the vast majority of software development projects and organisations. However, there is not much known about the tailoring and engineering of agile methods, or about how these methods can be used to complement each other. This study investigated tailoring of the agile methods, eXtreme programming (XP) and Scrum, at(More)
This seminar presents a psychological contract perspective on the use of the open source development model as a global sourcing strategy—opensourcing—whereby commercial companies and open source communities collaborate on development of software of commercial interest to the company. Building on previous research on information systems outsourcing, a(More)
Distributed Development (DD) of Software Systems is an issue of increasing significance for organisations today, all the more so given the current trend towards globalisation. In this paper we present a reference model which can be used as a reference point for any company wishing to review their own DD scenario. This is particularised in two forms, one as(More)
In existing global software development (GSD) literature, much focus has been on identifying the challenges that practitioners may face (such as socio-cultural and temporal distance issues), while potential benefits have not been extensively analyzed. We reverse this trend by studying these potential benefits. We question whether they are well-founded(More)