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Ethylene: Absolute real-time high-sensitivity detection with PTR/SRI-MS. The example of fruits, leaves and bacteria
Abstract Ethylene is a gaseous hormone playing a fundamental role in many systems and its detection and quantification is often crucial for several research fields. In the present work weExpand
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Apple fruit superficial scald resistance mediated by ethylene inhibition is associated with diverse metabolic processes
Fruits stored at low temperature can exhibit different types of chilling injury. In apple, one of the most serious physiological disorders is superficial scald, which is characterized byExpand
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PTR-ToF-MS Coupled with an Automated Sampling System and Tailored Data Analysis for Food Studies: Bioprocess Monitoring, Screening and Nose-space Analysis.
Proton Transfer Reaction (PTR), combined with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) Mass Spectrometer (MS) is an analytical approach based on chemical ionization that belongs to the Direct-Injection MassExpand
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Use of the index of absorbance difference (IAD) as a tool for tailoring post-harvest 1-MCP application to control apple superficial scald
Abstract The aim of this study was to better define postharvest strategies to preserve apple fruit quality during storage with particular attention on superficial scald control as the result of theExpand
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Dynamic volatile organic compound fingerprinting of apple fruit during processing
Abstract The aroma profile in apple was investigated during artificial processing operated with a device imitating the human consumption. The system, composed by a “chewing device” coupled with aExpand
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Raspberry texture mechanical profiling during fruit ripening and storage
Abstract Consumption of raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) has drastically increased in the last decade. However, fruit perishability, mainly due to water loss, morphological fragility, softening, andExpand
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Direct Injection Analysis of Fruit VOCs by PTR-ToF-MS: The Apple Case Study.
The instrumental characterization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is essential to have a precise, reliable, and reproducible estimation of food aroma and, therefore, of the overall productExpand
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Nectarine volatilome response to fresh-cutting and storage
Abstract The offer of fresh-cut peaches and nectarines represents a valid alternative for stone fruit commercialization and matches the increasing market demand of ready-to-eat (RTE) products. InExpand