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Embedded multicellular spheroids as a biomimetic 3D cancer model for evaluating drug and drug-device combinations.
The findings highlight the synergistic beneficial results that may arise from the use of a drug delivery system, and the need to evaluate both drug candidates and delivery systems in the research and preclinical screening phases of a new cancer therapy development program. Expand
Alteration of Cellular Behavior and Response to PI3K Pathway Inhibition by Culture in 3D Collagen Gels
3D gels may provide a better medium for investigation of anti-cancer drugs than 2D monolayers, therefore allowing better understanding of cellular response and behavior in native like environments. Expand
Bioengineering approaches to study multidrug resistance in tumor cells.
It is critical that the expertise of oncologists, biologists, and engineers be brought together to attempt to tackle the problem of chemoresistance, and the necessity of translational research and interdisciplinary directives is focused on. Expand
Combinative in vitro studies and computational model to predict 3D cell migration response to drug insult.
An integrated computational approach is described to serve as a platform to accurately predict migration in 3D matrices incorporating the function of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their interaction with the Extracellular signal-related kinase (ERK) signaling pathway. Expand
Decoupling Directed and Passive Motion in Dynamic Systems: Particle Tracking Microrheology of Sputum
A simple method to decouple active and Brownian motion is presented, enabling particle tracking to be applied to fluctuating heterogeneous systems, and the addition of high concentration sodium hydroxide increases sample heterogeneity by increasing the maximum observed creep compliance. Expand