Brian Fagan

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Microbial bioprocessing of lignocellulose to bioethanol still poses challenges in terms of substrate catabolism. A targeted evolution-based study was undertaken to determine if inter-strain microbial variability could be exploited for bioprocessing of lignocellulose to bioethanol. The microorganism studied was Fusarium oxysporum because of its capacity to(More)
  • Shirley J Fiske, Susan A Crate, Carole L Crumley, Kathleen Galvin, Heather Lazrus, George Luber +24 others
  • 2015
Acknowledgements The work of the Global Climate Change Task Force (GCCTF), including the development of the final report, was made possible through support by the School for Advanced Research (Santa Fe, New Mexico), the Atlantic Philanthropies (New York City), and the American Anthropological Association. The task force is extremely grateful for this(More)
  • Brian Fagan, William C Sturtevant, Gen Ed, Robert J Berkhofer
  • 2004
Fourteen essays draw on and examine archaeological evidence of women's roles and gender identity in a range of Native American societies. Thirty-one essays, along with hundreds of illustrations, cover virtually everything scholars now know about Norse colonization in the North Atlantic. A controversial, well-informed critique of the idea that Native(More)
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