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This article presents a framework for the design of concept detection systems for image and video indexing. This framework integrates in a homogeneous way all the data and processing types. The semantic gap is crossed in a number of steps, each producing a small increase in the abstraction level of the handled data. All the data inside the semantic gap and(More)
Facial paralysis is the loss of voluntary muscle movement of one side of the face. A quantitative, objective, and reliable assessment system would be an invaluable tool for clinicians treating patients with this condition. This paper presents a novel framework for objective measurement of facial paralysis. The motion information in the horizontal and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between growth rate of vestibular schwannomas and the expression of various growth factor receptors. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review of clinical growth rate in conjunction with a histopathologic and immunohistochemical reexamination of archival specimens. SETTING A tertiary referral neurotologic center. (More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the use of the great auricular nerve as a 'road map' for locating the accessory nerve in the anterior and posterior triangle, in comparison with other methods described in the literature. DESIGN A review of the literature using Medline and Embase searches was performed. Illustrative photographs were taken from consenting, elective(More)
AIM Intralabyrinthine schwannomas (ILS) are rare benign tumours. They are not always recognized on routine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We aimed to study the clinical presentation and MRI findings in our patients with ILS. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of patients with vestibular schwannomas treated at this center. RESULTS Of 144(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce a reliable objective method of assessing the House-Brackmann (H-B) and regional grades of facial palsy with the results produced and presented in a time and manner suitable for a routine clinical setting. STUDY DESIGN Analysis of video pixel data using artificial neural networks (ANNs). SETTING Tertiary-referral neuro-otologic(More)
Pathological alterations of the cochlea were studied in three different deaf animal (cat) populations. The ototoxic drug neomycin sulfate, was administered in one experimental series by direct infusion into the cochlear perilymph; a second group was given a series of intramuscular injections of the drug; and in a third experiment a mechanical lesion was(More)
This study evaluated oral tranexamic acid as an adjunct in controlling epistaxis and preventing or reducing recurrent epistaxis. Patients entered into the trial were randomized in double blind fashion to placebo or tranexamic acid 1 g, 3 times daily. Treatment continued for 10 days. The patients were reviewed daily and any rebleeds categorized into minor,(More)