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Transient amplification of a particular set of favorably configured forcing functions in the stochastically driven Navier-Stokes equations linearized about a mean shear flow is shown to produce high levels of variance concentrated in a distinct set of response functions. The dominant forcing functions are found as solutions of a Lyapunov equation and the(More)
From 1979-85, 2435 patients with a transient ischaemic attack or minor ischaemic stroke were randomly allocated to receive long term "blind" treatment with aspirin 600 mg twice daily (n = 815), aspirin 300 mg once daily (n = 806) or placebo (n = 814). No patient was lost to follow up. The "intention to treat" comparison included all the serious vascular(More)
Coherent jets, such as the Jovian banded winds, are a prominent feature of rotating turbulence. Shallow-water turbulence models capture the essential mechanism of jet formation, which is systematic eddy momentum flux directed up the mean velocity gradient. Understanding how this systematic eddy flux convergence is maintained and how the mean zonal flow and(More)
Methods for approximating a stable linear autonomous dynamical system by a system of lower order are examined. Reducing the order of a dynamical system is useful theoretically in identifying the irreducible dimension of the dynamics and in isolating the dominant spatial structures supporting the dynamics, and practically in providing tractable(More)