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Building distributed embedded systems from scratch is not cost-effective. Instead, designing and building these systems by using domain specific components has promise. However, in using components, the most difficult issues are ensuring that hidden dependencies won't cause failures and that non-functional properties such as real-time performance are being(More)
The usability of software APIs is an important and infrequently researched topic. A user study comparing the usability of the factory pattern and constructors in API designs found highly significant results indicating that factories are detrimental to API usability in several varied situations. The results showed that users require significantly more time(More)
Aspect oriented programming (AOP), when used well, has many advantages. Aspects are however, programming-time constructs, i.e., they relate to source code. Previously, we developed a tool called VEST that extended aspects to design time for embedded systems. Two types of design time aspects were identified which we labeled aspect checks and prescriptive(More)
Fibre properties and the biochemical composition of cell walls are important traits in many applications. For example, the lengths of fibres define the strength and quality of paper, and lignin content is a critical parameter for the use of biomass in biofuel production. Identifying genes controlling these traits is comparatively difficult in woody species,(More)
Plant cell walls are complex dynamic structures that play a vital role in coordinating the directional growth of plant tissues. The rapid elongation of the inflorescence stem in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana is accompanied by radical changes in cell wall structure and chemistry, but analysis of the underlying mechanisms and identification of the(More)
OVATE FAMILY PROTEINS (OFPs) are a class of proteins with a conserved OVATE domain. OVATE protein was first identified in tomato as a key regulator of fruit shape. OFPs are plant-specific proteins that are widely distributed in the plant kingdom including mosses and lycophytes. Transcriptional activity analysis of Arabidopsis OFPs (AtOFPs) in protoplasts(More)
OBJECTIVE Ocular ischemic syndrome is a rare blinding condition generally caused by disease of the carotid artery. We describe a 69-year-old female with a 50 pack-year smoking history with aortic arch syndrome causing bilateral ocular ischemic syndrome. METHODS The patient presented with progressive visual loss and temple pain. Slit lamp biomicroscopy(More)
What man is so mad as wil say the swan is black: or that the raven is in couloure white, when the matter is otherwise to be judged by commonsense?-Cardanus ca. 1576 Abstract. What sorts of observations could confirm the universal hypothesis that all ravens are black? Carl Hempel proposed a number of simple and plausible principles which had the odd(More)