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BACKGROUND There is no functional pharmacovigilance system in Cambodia to our knowledge. Mobile phone-based tools, such as short message service (SMS) text messages, are increasingly used for surveillance purposes. OBJECTIVE To pilot-test the FrontlineSMS mobile phone-based tool for notification of adverse events, using Cambodia's only International(More)
Clinical research is at a cross-roads of sustainability due to the current cost of development, amount of regulation, and irrational use of medicine. There are also too many silos in clinical research and development, post-marketing safety, as well as a lack of standards, and effective communication. This paper covers the future of pharmacovigilance and(More)
ug I understand that this research report must be officially approved by the Graduate School and that an electronic copy of the approved version will be made available through the University Library website []I attest that the research report is my original worl((that any copyrightable materials have been used with the permission ofthe original authors),(More)
Over the last approximately 20 years, the pharmaceutical industry has increasingly outsourced its research and development activities, including pharmacovigilance, with mixed results. To avoid significant failures, both clients and service providers should understand and openly discuss each other’s needs, avoiding the unrealistic expectations often elicited(More)
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