Brian E De Yoe

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Enchondroma is a common bone tumor of the foot. It is often reported in the phalanges and distal metatarsals. The authors, however, present a rare case study of two patients with enchodromas as the cause of midfoot pain. One case presented in the lateral cuneiform which to the authors' knowledge is the first reported case in the literature. Two cases are(More)
The authors present a patient with a history of chronic lateral ankle instability and pain. Physical and diagnostic evaluation revealed anterior ankle instability and peroneus brevis weakness. An MRI showed an attenuated anterior-talofibular ligament and a longitudinal tear of the peroneus brevis tendon. Surgical exploration exhibited tophaceous gout within(More)
The authors present an unusual case of talar neck nonunion without avascular necrosis following a Hawkin's group II fracture. A review of the literature and treatment of this rare complication are discussed. The nonunion was treated by debridement and iliac crest bone grafting to the defect and external electrical bone stimulation. The deformity of the(More)
A retrospective evaluation of 64 randomly selected patients with 100 nonfixated Austin bunionectomy procedures was performed. A radiographic and a clinical evaluation were performed, including an analysis of preoperative and postoperative angles as well as postoperative complications. This study demonstrates a similar complication rate for nonfixated Austin(More)
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