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Physiological studies of auditory perception have not yet clearly distinguished sensory from decision processes. In this experiment, human participants identified speech sounds masked by varying levels of noise while blood oxygenation signals in the brain were recorded with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Accuracy and response time were used(More)
Program 3dDeconvolve was developed to provide deconvolution analysis of FMRI time series data. This has two primary applications: (1) estimation of the system impulse response function, and (2) multiple linear regression analysis of time series data. Given the input stimulus function(s), and the measured FMRI signal data, program 3dDeconvolve rst estimates(More)
Among all the island countries of the world, Vanuatu, a small island nation in the South Pacific with a population of 220,000 was once ranked as the most vulnerable economy on the basis of having the least resilience to withstand the adverse impacts of external and internal shocks. Vanuatu is currently designated, on the basis of quality of life, as one of(More)
A major gap in our understanding of natural sound processing is knowledge of where or how in a cortical hierarchy differential processing leads to categorical perception at a semantic level. Here, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) we sought to determine if and where cortical pathways in humans might diverge for processing action sounds vs.(More)
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