Brian D Steinberg

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A novel mechanophore with acid-releasing capability is designed to produce a simple catalyst for chemical change in materials under mechanical stress. The mechanophore, based on a gem-dichlorocyclopropanated indene, is synthesized and used as a cross-linker in poly(methyl acrylate). Force-dependent rearrangement is demonstrated for cross-linked mechanophore(More)
The inaccessibility of uniform-diameter, single-chirality carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in pure form continues to thwart efforts by scientists to use these ultrathin materials in innovative applications that could revolutionize nanoscale electronics. Stimulated by the challenge to address this long-standing problem, we and other organic chemists have envisioned a(More)
Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART), is used for the first time for the routine rapid analysis of highly insoluble polycyclic aromatic compounds. Direct analysis of such compounds as solid samples under solvent-free conditions shows that DART is a powerful analytical platform capable of providing high-throughput analysis for these complex samples, requiring(More)
Syntheses and X-ray crystal structures are reported for all seven members of the indenocorannulene family, comprising indenocorannulene, both isomers of diindenocorannulene, both isomers of triindenocorannulene, tetraindenocorannulene, and pentaindenocorannulene. With each additional indenoannulation, the pyramidalization of the trigonal carbon atoms at the(More)
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