Brian D O Anderson

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2 ductkwl UdIq fist-SMlpIilg a d liftin# for N=3 Fig. 6. Errors of approximation of the full-order closed loop by the closed loops with the reduced second order controllers. The results show that when fast-sampling is used during the reduction process, a superior result is obtained. It is sufficient in this case to use N = 3 as the fast sampling rate. This(More)
interconnect reduction algorithm for distributed/measured networks, " IEEE Trans. A system theory criterion for positive real matrices , " SIAM J. [5] A. Antoulas and D. C. Sorensen, " Approximation of large-scale dynam-ical system: An overview, " Int. State-space truncation methods for parallel model reduction of large-scale systems , " Parallel Comput.
The effects of circumcision upon mother-infant interaction were examined in an observational study of 59 mother-infant pairs during hospital feedings on days 2 and 3 of life. Each pair was observed during 4 hospital feedings using a specifically designed mother-infant interaction observation system that examined 43 discreet behaviours relating to feeding,(More)
In recent years, several new methods for the identiication of approximate models of an open loop plant on the basis of closed loop data have been presented. In this paper, we extend two of these methods to the nonlinear case: we consider that both the plant and the controller can be nonlinear. The rst method is a two-step procedure. The sensitivity function(More)
A standard result of linear system theory states that a SISO rational n-th order transfer function always has a n-th order realization. In some applications one is interested in having a realization with nonnegative entries (i.e. a positive system). In this paper we give a contribution to the discrete-time realization problem by providing explicit necessary(More)