Brian D Moore

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A major glial structure is present during development within the midline raphe of the midbrain, hindbrain, and cervical spinal cord of the rat. It is composed of great numbers of glial cell bodies lying immediately ventral to the cerebral ventricular system and the large radial processes extending from these cells toward the ventral surface of the brain(More)
We examined the effects of fatigue on patellar tendon reflex responses in males and females. A spring-loaded reflex hammer elicited a standardized tendon tap with the knee positioned in an isokinetic dynamometer and flexed to 85 degrees. We recorded vastus lateralis activity (SEMG) and knee extension force production at the distal tibia (force transducer).(More)
Extracellular recordings were made from 29 spinoreticular cells in the spinal cords of anesthetized monkeys. The cells were in either the cervical or the lumbar enlargement, and they were identified by antidromic activation from the medial part of the pontomedullary reticular formation. More spinoreticular neurons were sampled in the cervical than in the(More)
This experiment investigates the recent proposal of Schmidt, Young, Swinnen, and Shapiro (1989) that summary knowledge of results (KR) improves skill retention. In Schmidt et al.'s experiment, however, summary length varied concomitantly with the frequency of KR presentation. The current investigation held KR presentation frequency constant while(More)
This study varied the accuracy demand within a linear series of targets to investigate the effect of movement-pathway constraints on response-programming time. Sidaway, Christina, and Shea (1988) have suggested that constraints placed upon movement initiation by the demand for response precision may play an important role in determining the length of the(More)
Bulk properties of open cell polyurethane foam are studied in a hydrostatic compression experiment under strain control. A linear region of behaviour is observed in the stress-strain curve, followed by a non-monotonic region corresponding to a negative incremental bulk modulus. The bulk modulus in the linear region is in reasonable agreement with the value(More)
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