Brian D. Mariani

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The use of genome wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays for high resolution molecular cytogenetic analysis using a combination of quantitative and genotype analysis is well established. This study demonstrates that by Mendelian analysis of the SNP genotypes of the parents and a sibling or other appropriate family member to establish phase, it is(More)
Gel mobility-shift assays have been used to identify proteins that bind specifically to the promoter region of the Drosophila s15 chorion gene. These proteins are present in nuclear extracts of ovarian follicles, the tissue where s15 is expressed during development, and bind to specific elements of the promoter that have been shown by transformation(More)
To investigate the molecular regulation of embryonic somite formation and development, we have cloned the full-length cDNA and characterized the embryonic expression profile of chicken Paraxis, a member of a novel family of basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) proteins, which has been suggested to play a role in paraxial mesoderm development. Chicken Paraxis(More)
Synovial fluid aspirates from 50 patients with symptoms after total knee arthroplasty were analyzed by means of the polymerase chain reaction for the presence of bacterial deoxyribonucleic acid indicative of infection. Synovial fluid specimens were processed using a rapid bacterial lysis and extraction protocol, subjected to polymerase chain reaction(More)
BACKGROUND While it is accepted that a majority of invasive breast cancer progresses from a ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) precursor stage, very little is known about the factors that promote survival of DCIS neoplastic cells within the hypoxic, nutrient deprived intraductal microenvironment. METHODOLOGY AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We examined the hypothesis(More)
Segregation analysis indicates that migraine without aura (MWoA) and migraine with aura (MWA) have multifactorial inheritance, but involved genetic and environmental factors are largely unknown. A controlled study was performed to assess the HLA-driven liability to migraine and to verify if the heterogeneity between MWoA and MWA is HLA-linked. Forty-five(More)
We have used germ-line transformation to dissect the cis regulatory elements responsible for the transcriptional control of an internally marked Drosophila chorion gene (s15-P) during development. A 73-base-pair segment of the proximal 5'-flanking DNA contains sequences essential for the tissue-specific expression and the precise "late" temporal regulation(More)
Most previous studies of chromosomal mosaicism in IVF embryos were performed by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) methods. While there are reports implicating chromosome aneuploidy in implantation failure following transfer and pregnancy loss by spontaneous miscarriage, the significance of mosaicism for the developmental potential of growing embryos(More)
Recent mouse genetic studies have implicated Pax-1, a paired-box-containing gene, in sclerotomal differentiation and vertebral body formation. To investigate Pax-1 function in somitic sclerotomal differentiation in the chick embryo, we have cloned the chicken Pax-1 gene, and its full length cDNA, and characterized its temporal and spatial expression pattern(More)