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With the increasing importance of search in guiding today's web traffic, more and more effort has been spent to create search engine spam. Since link analysis is one of the most important factors in current commercial search engines' ranking systems, new kinds of spam aiming at links have appeared. Building link farms is one technique that can deteriorate(More)
Classification of Web page content is essential to many tasks in Web information retrieval such as maintaining Web directories and focused crawling. The uncontrolled nature of Web content presents additional challenges to Web page classification as compared to traditional text classification, but the interconnected nature of hypertext also provides features(More)
Web spam is behavior that attempts to deceive search engine ranking algorithms. TrustRank is a recent algorithm that can combat web spam. However, TrustRank is vulnerable in the sense that the seed set used by TrustRank may not be sufficiently representative to cover well the different topics on the Web. Also, for a given seed set, TrustRank has a bias(More)
People display regularities in almost everything they do. This paper proposes characteristics of an idealized algorithm that, when applied to sequences of user actions, would allow a user interface to adapt over time to an individual's pattern of use. We describe a simple predictive method with these characteristics and show its predictive accuracy on a(More)
Web 2.0 has led to the development and evolution of web-based communities and applications. These communities provide places for information sharing and collaboration. They also open the door for inappropriate online activities, such as harassment, in which some users post messages in a virtual community that are intentionally offensive to other members of(More)
Discussion boards and online forums are important platforms for people to share information. Users post questions or problems onto discussion boards and rely on others to provide possible solutions and such question-related content sometimes even dominates the whole discussion board. However, to retrieve this kind of information automatically and(More)