Brian D Coleman

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The purpose of this investigation was to predict body density of young and middle-aged women and to determine if the use of a greater variety of variables, particularly those for fat in the bust and hip regions, increases the predictability of body density. Body density determined by the hydrostatic technique (dependent variable) was obtained from 83(More)
We developed a mouse model that enables non-invasive assessment of changes in β cell mass. We generated a transgenic mouse expressing luciferase under control of the mouse insulin I promoter [mouse insulin promoter-luciferase-Vanderbilt University (MIP-Luc-VU)] and characterized this model in mice with increased or decreased β cell mass and after islet(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether infants exposed to tocolytics are at increased risk for selected adverse clinical and hospitalization outcomes. STUDY DESIGN We conducted a population-based cohort study of women with preterm labor, in Washington State from 1989 to 2001 (N=79,679), using linked hospitalization records. Relative risks for infant outcomes were(More)
Charge-selective electrochemistry was previously shown to occur at high surface area carbon fibers that were produced by fracturing the outer periphery with anodic current or positive potential. The cyclic voltammetric behavior of electroactive species observed at these fibers exhibited a distinct pH dependence related to the protonation/deprotonation of(More)
Light scattering investigations have been carried out on Xrmour bovine plasma albumin (BSA), bovine serum mercaptalbumin (BMA) and human serum mercaptalbumin (HMA) in their isoelectric region. All three proteins were deionized by passing over an ion-exchange column. In the case of salt free aqueous solutions it was found that the function H(C,/ A+) is close(More)
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