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– Computer Networks connected to the Internet continue to be compromised and exploited by hackers. This is in spite of the fact that many networks run some type of security mechanism at their connection to the Internet. Large Enterprise Networks, such as the network for a major university, are very inviting targets to hackers who are looking to exploit(More)
Daily dietary-boron intake and on-the-job inspired boron were compared with blood- and urine-boron concentrations in workers engaged in packaging and shipping borax. Fourteen workers handling borax at jobs of low, medium, and high dust exposures were sampled throughout full shifts for 5 consecutive days each. Airborne borax concentrations ranged from means(More)
—Hackers who gain root privilege on a computer system usually want to maintain this level of privilege for future exploits. They do not want to have to go through the steps to regain this level of privilege because of the effort involved and the increased risk of being discovered as well as the possibility that the original exploit used to gain root access(More)
The paper presents the design of an integrated malware collection and analysis framework for botnet tracking. In proposed framework we have used Honypots as malware capturing tool. The proposed system design is unique in the sense that the information regarding the configuration of honeypot on which malware sample has been captured is saved with malware(More)
The association of cellular and humoral immune responses with asbestos exposure was studied in two groups of 150 workers each from a shipyard population and compared with a population of Red Cross blood donors. One of the shipyard groups had both chest x ray evidence of asbestos exposure and work assignments that necessitated direct handling of asbestos.(More)
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