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Conceptualising followership – a review of the literature
Despite growing attention in professional and academic literature, a commonly accepted definition of followership does not seem to have emerged. The authors nevertheless explore some of theExpand
A comparative thematic review of vocational leadership literature from the USA, Great Britain and Australia
Vocational education and its leadership is an important sphere of economic activity worldwide and is being impacted by several trends including: the increasing significance and centrality of skillsExpand
Leadership and followership within VET: some Australian and international perspectives
Many within vocational education and training (VET) find themselves in both leading and following roles but research into Australian VET leadership is still in an emerging stage and as yet thereExpand
Images of teachers at conferences: Developing teaching as a profession, demographics and life long learning
Ironically, in an era of life long learning a number of countries face a teacher shortage, recruiting and retaining staff in a profession that is not seen as particularly attractive. At timesExpand
Resurrecting Environmental Justice: Enforcement of EPA's Disparate-Impact Regulations Through Clean Air Act Citizen Suits
The environmental justice movement aims to eradicate disparate siting of environmental hazards in minority and low-income communities. Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in Alexander v. Sandoval,Expand
Education – mind your language please
Abstract Improving professionalism and teachers' professional image is beginning to figure highly on the educational policy agenda of a number of countries facing teacher shortages. This articleExpand
A comparative thematic review of the vocational leadership literature from the USA and Australia
Crossman, B and Cameron, R (forthcoming 2014) 'A comparative thematic review of vocational leadership literature from the USA, Great Britain and Australia', Research in Post-Compulsory Education,Expand